3001 - State Application Filing Guidelines


Examination and Hiring

Audience List

  • Administrative Chiefs
  • Examination Managers
  • Examination Officers
  • Human Resources Chiefs
  • Personnel Officers


This policy:

  • provides information on the filing process for state examination and job vacancy applications (Standard Form 678).
  • informs state agencies of the application filing guidelines.
  • identifies reasons an application will be accepted beyond the final filing date.
  • identifies filing information to include on exam and job vacancy announcements.
  • provides the process of communication for applicants submitting examination applications electronically.



State agencies are required to provide equal employment opportunity to all individuals seeking employment with the State of California.  As a part of this requirement, it is important to recognize the value of providing various methods for filing examination and job vacancy applications to job seekers. While technology has provided new methods for filing applications, it is critical that state agencies continue to recognize and use traditional methods for accepting state applications for examinations and job vacancies to allow for a broader and diverse recruitment pool for hiring managers. 


When advertising  examination and job vacancies, state agencies should consider the job applicant’s perspective and resources. Accepting various versions of applications promotes good will and provides more employment opportunities to all.


Filing Requirements

State agencies are required to adhere to the following filing requirements when accepting applications for state civil service examinations and job vacancies:

U.S Postal Service Mail

Applicants may submit their application by mail.  The envelope must be postmarked before or on the final filing date as stated on the examination or job vacancy announcement. 


Hand Delivery to the Appointing Power

Applicants may submit their application to the delivery address identified on the examination or job vacancy announcement.  The application must be date stamped by the final filing date and time (if applicable) as stated on the examination or job vacancy announcement.  For example, state agencies may specify that all applications hand delivered must be received by 5:00 pm on the final filing date.  This informs job applicants that applications received after 5:00 pm on the final filing date will not be accepted. 


Electronic Submission

Applicants may submit their application electronically through CalCareers.  The application must be received electronically by 11:59 p.m. on the final filing date as stated on the examination or job vacancy announcement. 


Mobile Bar Codes

Dates printed on Mobile Bar Codes, such as Quick Response (QR) Codes provided by the United States Postal Service (USPS) are not considered “postmarks” and as such are not acceptable proof of date of submission of an application.


Accepting Applications after the Final Filing Date

Applications submitted after the designated final filing date must be accepted if one of the following conditions exists:

  1. The application was delayed due to a verified error on the part of the staff of the Department or other agency conducting the examination or through a documented administrative error by postal authorities.
  2. An application for an examination is filed in error to the wrong agency and was postmarked by the postal service or date stamped by the receiving agency on or before the final filing date specified on the examination announcement.

Reasons for Accepting Late Applications for Promotional Examinations

  1. The appointing power verifies that distribution of the examination announcement was problematic and prevented an employee from being timely notified of the examination announcement.
  2. The appointing power verifies that the employee failed to receive timely notice of the examination announcement during the entire examination announcement period due to any of the following conditions: working in a different location, being on vacation, being out on sick leave or being out on leave of absence.

Exam announcements should be posted in a central location of each branch, district, institution, region, or office of the appointing power.  This shall constitute notification of the promotional exam to agency employees.


Exam and Vacancy Announcements

Personnel offices are required to ensure that all examination and job vacancy announcements provide information regarding filing applications.   Announcements must include location, final filing date, filing requirements, how to obtain an application (STD Form 678) and the documents that must be submitted in addition to the application, if applicable.  Applications will be provided to applicants free of charge.  Applicants are required to submit one application per examination or job vacancy unless otherwise stated on the announcement.

Electronic Submission of Examination Applications

When accepting examination applications electronically, state agencies are required to provide the job applicant with an electronic communication contact address in lieu of a postal mailing address.  The applicant should be informed that examination results, which include score, ranking, and employment contact letters, will be accessible through electronic means.  The applicant has the right to opt out of electronic communication and to instead be contacted by regular mail sent through the US Postal Service.

All documents submitted to the Personnel Office become the property of the State Agency and shall not be returned to the applicant.  The names of the examination or job vacancy applicants are confidential and should not to be made public. 



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Authorized By

Chris Dainard
Chief, Selection Division

Contact Person

Selection Division
Phone: 916-909-3757
Email: SDPolicy@calhr.ca.gov

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