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This policy:

  • Describes procedures relevant to employees who receive regular compensation while serving on jury duty.



This policy provides information on jury duty compensation for employees who serve on jury duty while receiving regular compensation.


State of California residents are required to participate in jury service when summoned to report.  When summoned for jury duty, state employees must appear on the date specified and in most instances will continue to receive “regular” compensation.  Regular compensation refers to what an employee would receive from the employer, regardless of whether the employee was scheduled to work, on the day(s) of jury duty.  Government Code section 19331 provides leaves of absence granted for jury duty may be with or without pay.  It is the policy of the state to provide compensation to eligible employees when summoned to report for jury duty.  Represented employees should refer to the applicable Memoranda of Understanding.

State employees who receive regular compensation while serving on jury duty are not entitled to juror pay.  An exception to receiving juror pay is if the employee elects to use vacations, annual leave, or compensating time off during the period of jury duty.

Superior Courts in California instruct jurors that they must complete and submit a jury fee waiver form if they are a government employee who is receiving their regular compensation while on jury duty.  However, the employee may keep any payment they receive from the court for mileage, parking, meals, or other out of pocket expenses which the courts pays.


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Melissa Russell
Chief, Personnel Management Division

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