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This policy

  • Describes what a personal holiday is.
  • Explains who is entitled to a personal holiday.
  • Determines the number of hours an employee will receive towards their personal holiday.
  • Explains what happens if a requested personal holiday is denied by supervisors.


Most employees receive a personal holiday after serving six months of their initial probationary period and once every fiscal year thereafter. Personal holidays are maintained as its own leave and are not combined with any other leave credit. The number of hours an employee receives for this day is based on their time base of either full time, part time, or intermittent.


Per Government Code section 19854 and applicable Memoranda of Understanding a personal holiday is defined as a day off credited to employees each fiscal year upon completion of six months of their initial probationary period in state service.

Personal holidays are granted in units rather than hours, therefore the employee’s time base at the time of use determines the worth of the leave.  For example, a full-time employee receives 8 hours of paid time when they use their personal holiday.  A part-time employee receives their personal holiday in proportion to the time base worked, and intermittent employees receive leave based on the number of hours worked during the pay period in which the personal holiday is used. An employee whose time base changes between July 1st , which is the beginning of the fiscal year and when new personal holidays are given out, and the date in which they use their day off will receive the number of hours in proportion to their current time base.

Supervisors may require five (5) days advance notice before a personal holiday is taken and may deny use subject to operational needs. The supervisor shall make a reasonable effort to grant the employees use of their personal holiday on the day requested. Pursuant to the applicable Memorandum of Understanding, when use of a personal holiday is denied by supervisors, it may be rescheduled, carried over to the next fiscal year, or used or cashed out on an hour by hour basis. When a non-represented employee is denied use of a personal holiday, the agency head or designee may allow the employee to reschedule the personal holiday; or at the agency's discretion, allow the employee to either carry the personal holiday to the next fiscal year or cash out the holiday on a straight time (hour for hour) basis. Non-represented employees shall not be allowed to carry over or cash out more than two (2) personal holidays in any fiscal year.

Employees who return to state service after a separation are entitled to a personal holiday upon reinstatement provided they have not previously used their personal holiday in the current fiscal year.

With a supervisor’s approval, personal holidays may be used in conjunction with other holiday and vacation leave to replace sick leave when an employee’s sick leave balance is zero or in the event that an employee is party to a legal action. Personal holidays may also be donated to catastrophic leave in one day increments.


To determine if an employee is eligible for personal holidays, reference Government Code 19854 for employees excluded from bargaining.  For employees represented by a Memorandum of Understanding, reference the applicable Bargaining Unit contract.  Employees that have never served six months of a probationary period may not be eligible to receive a personal holiday unless specifically stated in the Memorandum of Understanding.

Effective January 1, 2023, Government Code section 19853, which specifies State employee holidays, is amended. The amendment provides that employees who are eligible for a personal holiday may, at their discretion, exchange it for a holiday credit to observe one of the following recognized holidays.

April 24

Genocide Remembrance Day

June 19


Fourth Friday of September

Native American Day

2nd or 3rd New Moon following Winter Solstice

Lunar New Year

Part-time employees receive personal holiday credits on a prorated basis. Use the following tables to determine employees personal holiday hours.

This table shows the number of personal holiday hours an employee will receive based on the employee’s time base:

  • 1/10 time base: 0.80 hours per personal holiday
  • 1/8 time base: 1.00 hours per personal holiday
  • 1/5 time base: 1.60 hours per personal holiday
  • 1/4 time base: 2.00 hours per personal holiday
  • 3/10 time base: 2.40 hours per personal holiday
  • 3/8 time base: 3.00 hours per personal holiday
  • 2/5 time base: 3.20 hours per personal holiday
  • 1/2 time base: 4.00 hours per personal holiday
  • 3/5 time base: 4.80 hours per personal holiday
  • 5/8 time base: 5.00 hours per personal holiday
  • 7/10 time base: 5.60 hours per personal holiday
  • 3/4 time base: 6.00 hours per personal holiday
  • 4/5 time base: 6.40 hours per personal holiday
  • 7/8 time base: 7.00 hours per personal holiday
  • 9/10 time base: 7.20 hours per personal holiday

Below you will find a list showing how many hours of personal holiday credit a permanent intermittent employee will receive based on the hours they worked during the pay period in which they use their personal holiday:

  • 0 to 10.9 hours worked during pay period: 0 hours for each personal holiday
  • 11 to 30.9 hours worked during pay period: 1 hour for each personal holiday
  • 31 to 50.9 hours worked during pay period: 2 hours for each personal holiday
  • 51 to 70.9 hours worked during pay period: 3 hours for each personal holiday
  • 71 to 90.9 hours worked during pay period: 4 hours for each personal holiday
  • 91 to 110.9 hours worked during pay period: 5 hours for each personal holiday
  • 111 to 130.9 hours worked during pay period: 6 hours for each personal holiday
  • 131 to 150.9 hours worked during pay period: 7 hours for each personal holiday
  • 151 and over hours worked during pay period: 8 hours for each personal holiday

Note: An employee may only acquire up to eight (8) hours of holiday per holiday credit.




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