2010 - Public Employee Communication


Collective Bargaining

Audience List

  • Employee Relations Officers
  • Human Resources Chiefs
  • Labor Relations Officers
  • Personnel Officers


This policy

  • Provides direction and contact information of exclusive employee organizations for purposes of complying with the Public Employee Communication law


Government Code sections 3555.5 - 3559 (Public Employee Communication) requires public employers to provide exclusive representatives with mandatory access to new employee orientations and notice of such orientations, as well as the name, job title, department, work location, home address, work, home, personal cellular telephone numbers, and personal email addresses on file with the employer.


New Employee Orientation

Notice of Orientation

Departments shall provide no less than 10 days’ notice of upcoming New Employee Orientations. Shorter notice to an exclusive representative may be provided in a specific instance where there is an urgent need critical to the employer’s operations that was not reasonably foreseeable.

“New Employee Orientation” means the onboarding process of a newly hired public employee, whether in person, online or through other means or mediums, in which employees are advised of their employment status, rights, benefits, duties and responsibilities, or any other employment related matters.

If the provisions of this section are in conflict with the provisions of a memorandum of understanding reached pursuant to Government Code section 3517.5, the above section is controlling.

Structure, Time and Manner of Access to Orientation

The structure, time and manner of the access to the new employee orientation shall be set forth in the applicable memorandum of understanding reached pursuant to Government Code section 3517.5.

Employee Communication

Departments shall provide bargaining unit employees’ name, job title, department, work location, work, home, and personal cellular telephone number and personal email address(es) on file with the employer and home address of any newly hired employee within 30 days of the date of hire or by the first pay period of the month following hire. In addition, departments shall also provide the exclusive representative with the same information for all employees in the bargaining unit at least every 120 days. Departments shall not provide the home address for employees protected as a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking as set forth in Government Code section 6205 et. seq..

The information under this section shall not be deemed to be public records and shall not be open to public inspection except as set forth in Government Code section 6254.3.  Law enforcement personnel personal contact information (home address, home and personal cellular telephone numbers) shall not be disclosed to an exclusive representative. The personal email addresses of law enforcement personnel shall also not be disclosed unless such personal email addresses are used for official state business.


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Paul M. Starkey
Deputy Director of Labor Relations, Labor Relations Division

Contact Person

Labor Relations Division
Labor Relations Officer , Labor Relations Division
Phone: 916-324-0476
Fax: 916-322-0765
Email: lr.info@calhr.ca.gov

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