1301 - Exempt Employee Salary


Exempt Employees

Audience List

  • Administrative Chiefs
  • Agency Secretaries
  • Personnel Officers
  • Personnel Transactions Supervisors


This policy:

  • Defines exempt employees and positions.
  • Provides direction on where to locate exempt employee salary information.
  • Describes how to request a salary change for an exempt employee.
  • Explains the Exempt Position Request (EPR) process.


California's State Constitution provides that members of boards and commissions, appointees of the Governor, and one appointee of each Governor's appointee shall be exempt from civil service. These employees are referred to as “exempt appointees” and are elected, appointed, members of boards and commissions, an appointee of the Governor, or an appointee of each Governor’s appointee.


The Exempt Salary Schedule contains information on salary ranges for exempt appointees and how to request a salary adjustment for an exempt appointee. Exempt salaries may be adjusted if there is a change in duties, responsibilities, and/or organizational relationships.

Upon initial appointment, the exempt appointee shall be entitled to the rate within the salary range five (5) percent above the rate last received or the minimum of the range. Exceptions require Governor’s Office (GO) and CalHR authorization. Departments are not authorized to provide any salary increases to exempt appointees, including salary increases within the current range of the exempt classification. All exempt salary increases require prior approval from Agency (if the department reports to an Agency), the GO and CalHR.  Departments are notified via the Exempt Pay Letter whenever the salaries of exempt positions assigned to their department are adjusted and approved by the GO and CalHR.


A department may request a salary increase for an exempt appointee by submitting a complete package that includes, an Exempt Position Request (EPR) form, a justification indicating the reason for the salary increase, a duty statement, and organizational charts indicating the exempt appointee’s reporting relationships both to subordinate and executive staff. Departments, Agencies, Boards, and Commissions should forward the complete EPR package to the Governor’s Appointments Unit and CalHR, simultaneously.





  • PML 2012-007: PML 2012-007 - 3/30/2012 - Exempt Salary Program
  • PML 2014-028: PML 2014-028 - 9/26/2014 - Procedures for Exempt Salary Increases

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Melissa Russell
Chief, Personnel Management Division

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Exempt Program
Personnel Program Consultant , Personnel Management Division
Phone: 916-909-3710
Fax: 916-327-1886
Email: EPR@calhr.ca.gov

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