1212 - Temporary Appointments (TAU)



Audience List

  • Examination Managers
  • Human Resources Chiefs
  • Human Resources Staff
  • Personnel Officers
  • Personnel Transactions Supervisors


This policy:

  • Provides guidance when making an appointment to a position for which there is no employment list
  • Provides mandatory guidelines for making temporary appointments (TAU) and using the TAU process
  • Provides TAU examination administration requirements
  • Provides TAU documentation and retention requirements


The temporary appointment (TAU) process provides departments an opportunity to fill a vacant position on a temporary basis when all other hiring options have been exhausted.


Making appointments to fill vacancies through the use of the TAU process should be minimized, when possible. Diligent annual examination planning should greatly reduce the need for this appointment method. However, when there is no employment list from which a position can be filled, departments may choose to fill the position through the TAU process.

Departments, boards, agencies or other appointing powers that make hires through TAU must periodically review their current temporary appointments to continually examine the appropriateness of continuing to employ a temporary employee for an extended time frame.

The following are limitations, restrictions or requirements to be considered for using the TAU process:

  • Departments are required to develop a corresponding examination for the TAU classification within nine months of making the temporary appointment.
  • The TAU incumbent is required to examine for the classification. If his/her score is too low to be in a reachable rank or if he/she fails the test, the incumbent’s temporary appointment must be terminated immediately.
  • The time a person can serve in a temporary appointment must not exceed 9 months in 12-consecutive months or 189 days of work.
  • When serving in a TAU appointment, the incumbent does not acquire probationary or permanent status or rights.


HR offices that are considering using the TAU appointment process are required to complete a TAU Determination Worksheet. This tool must be used to determine if the intended TAU appointment is appropriate to fill the vacancy.

The time of persons who work in a TAU assignment must be counted in a specific manner. The days worked to be counted are every day worked, including partial days worked and paid absences. For counting the 12-consecutive months, the first pay period worked is the first month of the 12-consecutive month timeframe. The maximum number of days worked, 189 days, refers to the amount of work each employee who is in a temporary assignment may work, not the total number of TAU hours an entire agency may utilize in a 189-day timeframe.

TAU appointments are permitted when all the following conditions apply:

  1. No current eligible list for the classification exists
  2. No eligible candidates on an open, promotional or reemployment list are interested in the position
  3. Existing open lists have three or fewer eligible candidates interested in the position
  4. Eligible candidates on an open, promotional, or reemployment list do not meet the vacancy criteria (e.g., location, time base)

Documentation and Retention

The HR Office is required to maintain the appropriate documentation pertaining to the TAU appointment. Below is a list of documents that must be retained for five years:

  1. Job posting advertising the vacant position
  2. TAU Determination Worksheet
  3. Selected candidate’s application (STD Form 678)
  4. Written record(s) of periodic reviews of the continued need for the TAU appointment
  5. Written records of the days, months, and hours worked by temporary employees

All documentation is subject to review by the State Personnel Board and CalHR.




  • CalHR - 885: Temporary Authorization (TAU) Approval Determination Worksheet (on Grapevine)

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Chris Dainard
Chief, Selection Division

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Selection Division
Phone: 916-909-3757
Email: SDPolicy@calhr.ca.gov

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