1109 - Policy Resolution Process



Audience List

  • Examination Analysts
  • Human Resources Chiefs
  • Personnel Analysts
  • Personnel Officers


This section provides:

  • The process for requesting guidance regarding selection procedures when there is no guideline, best practice and/or written policy.
  • The process to propose a change to a standardized selection policy.



At times, HR offices may not be able to find legal authority or policy guidance when conducting research to resolve a selection issue. The policy resolution process helps to identify a solution for these issues.


State departments are required to conduct thorough research and use all available resources and tools to operate their selection programs. If research does not provide the guidance or information needed to operate a selection program, contact CalHR’s Selection Policy Program for guidance.


Policy Questions

Upon receiving a department inquiry, CalHR’s Selection Policy Program will conduct the following steps:

  1. Review and, if necessary, clarify the department’s policy question(s).
  2. Review applicable references (e.g., applicable policies, laws, rules) to determine the availability of the information. 
  3. If the information is currently available, the policy program will provide the name and location of the reference(s) to the department in order for the department to independently review and analyze the information. 
  4. If the information is not available in any reference material, the policy program will collaborate with the department to identify a resolution. The policy issue and resolution process will be documented and provided to the department. CalHR’s Selection Policy Program will maintain a record of the policy issue and resolution. The requesting department must also maintain a record of the policy issue and resolution for at least five years.         

Policy Changes

Departments that are interested in proposing a change to an existing policy may submit a request to CalHR’s Selection Policy Program. In order for the proposed policy change to be considered, the department must do all of the following:

  1. Provide a justification for requesting the policy change. The justification should state the issue, identify the gap or problem with the current policy and provide recommended solutions.
  2. Complete the form ensuring all required information is included.
  3. Provide a copy of the form to your Personnel Officer for review and approval.
  4. Email the completed and approved form to SDPolicy@calhr.ca.gov.
  5. Submit a written proposal to update the selection policy using the Selection Policy Change Proposal form. 

 CalHR's Selection Policy Program will review each request in collaboration with SPB and will advise the department if the policy is currently under review or if the proposed change is being considered.

Time frames to respond to the proposal are dependent on the type of proposal received and current workload. Departments will be notified of the status of the Policy Change Request within 30 days of receipt of the emailed Policy Modification Proposal form.





Not Applicable.



Authorized By

Chief, Policy Division
State Personnel Board

Chris Dainard
Chief, California Department of Human Resources

Contact Person

Selection Division
Phone: 916-909-3757
Email: SDPolicy@calhr.ca.gov

Superseded Policies

Selection Manual Section 3030 Quick Policy Resolution Process - 2/1/1992


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