1103 - Human Resources (HR) Liaison Training



Audience List

  • Administrative Chiefs
  • Human Resources Chiefs
  • Human Resources Liaisons
  • Human Resources Staff


This policy:

  • Provides the training requirements for HR Liaisons
  • Provides the conduct requirements for HR Liaisons
  • Provides the role and responsibility of the HR Officer in the HR Liaison training process


HR Liaisons serve as coordinators for program-related personnel activities. They are responsible for performing a variety of administrative personnel functions that may involve initiating personnel actions, drafting and completing personnel-related documents, accessing personnel systems, handling confidential documents, and retaining personnel documents and records. Their work is typically performed for and within an agency program area, outside of the HR Office. 


In accordance with State Personnel Board (SPB) Rule 27, all HR Liaisons are required to attend, and successfully complete, a mandatory training program developed and administered by the California Department of Human Resources (CalHR). The training curriculum will provide HR Liaisons with the knowledge, resources, and tools to successfully perform their duties in accordance with all applicable civil service laws, rules, regulations, and policies. 

The HR Officer is responsible for ensuring all new departmental HR Liaisons enroll in and successfully complete the mandatory training program within one year of appointment or assignment. All current employees performing HR Liaison duties must complete training within one year of release of this policy. Upon successful completion of each training course, a certificate of completion will be awarded to the employee. The HR Officer is responsible for requesting a copy of the certificate from the employee and retaining a copy in the personnel office to meet the provisions of Rule 26. The HR Officer should be prepared to provide copies of the certificate if requested by SPB or CalHR.

If an employee is unable to complete the training program within the one year timeframe, the HR Officer is required to contact CalHR Selection Division, Policy Program, for guidance and assistance. 


HR Officers are responsible for working directly with their department program areas to identify individuals who serve as HR Liaisons and advise them of mandatory training requirements. Employees serving in this capacity must enroll in the training program within 30 days of appointment or assignment in order to complete the training within the one year time requirement. 


The training program is comprised of classes that focus on “best practices” and certain SPB rules requiring specific actions to meet merit standards.  Below is a list of training program classes:   

  • Best Hiring Practices
  • Examination Certification and Online System (ECOS)
  • HR Confidentiality and Security
  • Writing Effective and Compliant Duty Statements

Classes can be taken in any order. CalHR reserves the right to revise the above training curriculum if needed.  For additional information on the above training classes or to enroll, please go to the CalLearns webpage. (See resources section.) For ECOS training, please contact your HR Office.




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