1005 - Upward Mobility Program


Equal Employment Opportunity

Audience List

  • Agency Secretaries
  • Department Directors
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Officers
  • Human Resources Chiefs
  • Training Officers
  • Upward Mobility Coordinators
  • Workforce Development Coordinators
  • Labor Relations Officers


This policy requires departments to:

  • Appoint an Upward Mobility Program Coordinator to implement and administer the department’s Upward Mobility program.
  • Develop and maintain a written Upward Mobility policy, plan, procedures, and program participation application and selection criteria.
  • Implement an effective Upward Mobility Program for employees in low-paying entry-level classifications.
  • Annually establish Upward Mobility goals.
  • Annually submit Upward Mobility efforts to the California Department of Human Resources (CalHR) through the Workforce Analysis.


All state departments are required, per Government Code section 19400, to establish and maintain an effective Upward Mobility Program for state employees in low-paying entry-level classifications. Upward Mobility is a planned development and advancement of employees in low-paying entry-level classifications to entry-level technical, professional, and administrative classifications. Upward Mobility is not, as commonly thought, the promotion of employees through the ranks, to supervisory and managerial provisions within the same classifications.


Each state department is responsible for implementing and establishing an effective Upward Mobility Program as outlined in the Guidelines for Administering Departmental Upward Mobility Programs.  The appointing power of each department shall develop an Upward Mobility policy statement regarding the department’s commitment to provide upward mobility opportunities for employees in low-paying entry-level classifications; develop an Upward Mobility plan, program procedures, and program participation application and selection criteria; and advertise how employees can access information and participate in Upward Mobility Program services.

In addition, each department shall appoint an Upward Mobility Coordinator whose primary role is to administer the Upward Mobility Program, assist employees with Upward Mobility plan development, establish departmental Upward Mobility goals, and assist the EEO Officer with coordinating, monitoring, and annually reporting the department’s Upward Mobility Program efforts through the Workforce Analysis to the California Department of Human Resources.


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