1002 - Nondiscrimination Statements


Equal Employment Opportunity

Audience List

  • Agency Secretaries
  • Department Directors
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Officers
  • Human Resources Chiefs
  • Personnel Officers


This policy:

  • Provides a standard Equal Employment Opportunity nondiscrimination statement for examinations and job bulletins.


The State of California prohibits discrimination against any job applicant, unpaid intern, or employee in the hiring, promotions, assignments, or privilege of employment. Federal and state laws require employers to notice applicants regarding protections from employment discrimination.


The California Department of Human Resources asserts an equal employment opportunity nondiscrimination statement on its examination and job announcement bulletins that conforms with federal and state law. The following statement is expansive and informs job seekers of their protected rights. Accordingly, agencies are instructed to update their examination and job announcements using this same statement.

“The State of California is an equal opportunity employer to all, regardless of age (40 and over), ancestry, association with a member of a protected class, bereavement leave, cannabis use, color, disability (physical, intellectual/developmental, or mental health/psychiatric.), Family Care and Medical Leave (CFRA) related to serious health condition of employee or family member, child bonding, or military exigencies, gender identity or expression, genetic information or characteristic, marital status, medical condition (cancer or genetic characteristic), military and veteran status, national origin (includes language restrictions), participation in an EEO protected activity, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, or related medical conditions, Pregnancy Disability Leave (PDL), race (includes hairstyle and hair texture), religious creed (includes dress and grooming practices), reproductive health decision making, reproductive loss leave, sex/gender, and sexual orientation.”


Not Applicable.


Not Applicable.



Authorized By

Division Chief
Civil Rights, California Department of Human Resources

Contact Person

Civil Rights
Staff Services Manager I
Phone: 916-909-3707
Email: civil.rights@calhr.ca.gov

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Not Applicable.


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