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2901 - Workforce and Succession Plan Requirements


Workforce Planning

Audience List

  • Administrative Chiefs
  • Agency Secretaries
  • Agency Undersecretaries
  • Chief Deputy Directors
  • Department Deputy Directors
  • Department Directors
  • Human Resources Chiefs
  • Personnel Officers
  • Recruitment Coordinators
  • Workforce Development Coordinators


This policy applies to California state departments, agencies, commissions and boards that employ civil services employees. The policy identifies requirements for:

  • Having workforce and succession plans.
  • Providing annual status updates regarding workforce and succession planning.


California State civil service organizations should take a proactive and strategic approach to recruiting, developing and retaining a skilled and diverse workforce to meet current and future organizational needs.  Effective February 23, 2017, CalHR prescribes the requirement for state organizations to have a workforce and succession plan. The State of California Workforce Planning Model and Succession Planning Model provide guidance on how to create workforce and succession plans.


CalHR, provides this policy to notify state organizations of the requirement to have a current workforce and succession plan, and to report annually on the status of workforce and succession planning efforts.  CalHR administers and enforces the laws pertaining to personnel, including the formulation of policies that are consistent with and necessary for personnel administration.  In support of this policy, CalHR will annually track:

  • Whether or not your organization has a workforce and succession plan.
  • Annual update(s) to your organization’s workforce and succession plan.
  • Status of your organization’s workforce and succession plans, if in development.


State organizations are expected to understand the workforce implications of current and future business operations, and have a plan for ensuring that there is a capable workforce in place to perform the mission and meet business objectives. The process for organizations to submit plans, and provide updates and status reports to CalHR is detailed on the Workforce and Succession Plans Submittal Process webpage.

To meet the minimum requirements a workforce plan must identify:

  • Alignment with the operational and strategic business goals of the organization
  • Current and future gaps between the workforce you have (supply) and the workforce plan you need (demand)
  • Workforce planning challenges and risks
  • Action plan containing specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-based metrics for how the organization will  address current and anticipated workforce challenges
  • Process to evaluate the workforce plans effectiveness for accomplishing planned outcomes
  • Current plan covering no more than a five year span

A detailed description of the Workforce Plan requirements are outlined in the Workforce Plan Checklist located in the Workforce Planning Toolkit, under Evaluate a Workforce Plan section. Also located in the Toolkit is the Workforce Plan Template which provides structure and organization for ensuring all critical components of the workforce plan are included.

To meet the minimum requirements a succession plan must identify:

  • Key leadership positions, which could include various levels of leadership, highly technical positions, and other positions that have a high impact on the success of your organization’s mission
  • Competencies required to fill key leadership positions
  • Process for identifying a leadership pipeline to potentially succeed key leadership positions.
  • Methodology for assessing the pipeline’s current competencies and overall leadership readiness
  • Current and future gaps between the pipelines existing competencies (supply) and the competencies needed (demand)
  • Action plan containing specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-based metrics for addressing succession planning gaps

CalHR offers a variety of resources, tools and services identified in the Resources section of the policy to assist organizations with their workforce and succession planning activities.

CalHR will be posting a list identifying the status of state organizations’ workforce and succession plans on the Workforce and Succession Plans Submittal Process webpage.



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