2115 - Bereavement Leave



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This policy:

  • Describes the entitlement of bereavement leave for represented and excluded employees.


Bereavement is a leave granted to represented and excluded employees with permanent status, except as defined by the applicable Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).


Bereavement leave is used following the death of an eligible family member or any person residing in the immediate household of the employee at the time of death.  The length of time following the death in which the bereavement leave must be taken is at the discretion of the appointing power.

An employee may go from dock status to bereavement leave, if upon the expiration of the bereavement leave the employee returns to work.  An employee may not go from dock status to bereavement leave and then back to dock status.

Excluded Employees

Excluded permanent employees are entitled to bereavement leave with pay for the death of person related by blood, adoption, marriage or any person residing in the immediate household of the employee at the time of death.  Bereavement leave shall not exceed three days for any one occurrence.  However, if the death occurs outside this state, a request for two additional days of bereavement leave shall be granted, at the option of the employee, as either without pay or as a charge against any accrued sick leave credit.  If additional bereavement leave is necessary, the employee may use accrued vacation, compensating time off, or take an authorized leave without pay, subject to the approval of the appointing power.

Excluded permanent intermittent employees may be granted bereavement leave, if the employee is scheduled to work on the day(s) for which the leave is requested, and for the number of hours the employee is scheduled to work those day(s), not to exceed three days.  Permanent intermittent employee shall not be removed from scheduled work hours because the employee is on bereavement leave.  Fractional time base employees shall be eligible for bereavement leave on a pro-rata basis, based on the employee’s fractional time base.

Hours for Each Bereavement Day by Time Base
Time BaseHours for Each Bereavement Day

Represented Employees

The MOU applicable to the employee lists eligible relationships and whether the bereavement leave allowance is per fiscal year or per occurrence.  Most permanent or probationary intermittent employees are entitled to bereavement leave on a pro-rata basis for scheduled work days, calculated on the amount of time worked in the pay period.  Part-time employees are entitled to bereavement leave calculated on the fractional time base of the employee for those days schedule to work.

To determine a represented employee’s eligibility, reference the applicable MOU






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  • PML 1982-011: PML 1982-011 - 12/10/1982 - Bereavement Leave
  • PML 1987-013: PML 1987-013 - 8/7/1987 - Bereavement Leave - Non-Represented Employees
  • PML 1987-027: PML 1987-027 - 12/28/1987 - Memo MM87-27 Scanned Hardcopies and Nonrepresented Fractional Time Base Employees

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