1101 - Consortium Examinations Process



Audience List

  • Department Directors
  • Examination Managers
  • Personnel Officers


This policy:

  • provides information on the consortium examination process
  • transfer of list eligibility to and from consortium list
  • servicewide examinations request process
  • list sharing requirements


Consistent with the goal of Civil Service Improvement, the California Department of Human Resources (CalHR) is committed to improving and streamlining current civil service processes. As a part of this effort, CalHR continues to collaborate with departments on various examination projects to meet the hiring needs of the State of California Statement. Consortium examinations were created to encourage departments to participate collectively with the development and utilization of one examination for a specific classification.


Consortium Examination Registration Process

There are currently over 100 consortium examinations available for use by departments. Departments interested in participating in an existing consortium examination can obtain additional information on the process as well as the listing of all consortium examinations currently being administered through CalHR’s website.

Transfer of List Eligibility

Departments interested in considering candidates who have current eligibility on consortium eligibility lists must first go through the consortium registration process to gain access to the list. Transfer of list eligibility is prohibited to and from a consortium eligibility list from any other eligible list.

Request for Open Servicewide Examinations

Departments interested in independently administering servicewide examinations on an open basis must complete the Request to Administer Servicewide Examinations (CalHR-041) and submit the request for approval to CalHR’s Selection Division at the contact shown below. CalHR will evaluate each request on a case-by-case basis. CalHR will evaluate each request on a case-by-case basis. Factors taken into consideration when reviewing requests for approval will be:

  1. If permission was given to another department to administer an examination for the requested classification and collaboration is a possibility;
  2. The number of lists that currently exist for the requested classifications and the number of eligibles remaining on those lists;
  3. If the requesting department exhausted all possible recruitment resources prior to request (e.g. list appropriation, promotional exam, statewide job announcement); and
  4. If the resulting list can be converted into a consortium examination to be utilized by all state departments.

List Sharing

As a condition of departments being allowed to administer servicewide open examinations, departments will be required to share all eligibility lists for those examinations with other state entities. However, the department who initially established the list will have exclusive access for 60 days before being required to share it with other state entities.


Not Applicable.





  • CalHR 041 : Request to Administer a Servicewide Classification


  • PML 2016-007: PML 2016-007 - 3/25/2016 - Consortium Examinations Process and List Sharing

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Contact Person

Candy Zonneveld
Exam Manager, Examinations
Phone: 916-323-6064
Fax: 916-323-6206
Email: candy.zonneveld@calhr.ca.gov

Authorized By

Adria Jenkins-Jones
Chief, Selection Division


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